C8 Vol.1
Apperal Graphic

︎ Hahaa! They speak to me.

︎ C8 (Chinese, Culture, Create, Conversation, Content, Composition, Context, Communicate) is a culture-based research practice of translating my Chinese culture study into visual forms.

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︎ What are the four great inventions of ancient China? They are papermaking, printing, gunpowder and the compass. The Chinese idiom 明知故问(míng zhī gù wèn) means ask anyway even one knows the answers, which share a similar context as "duh" in English. This garment attempts to use a  humorous tone for creating a conversation.

As You Wish
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︎ Chinese new year(the Spring festive) is the MOST important traditional festival in China. Apart from the famous 恭喜发财(gōng xǐ fā cái) and 大吉大利(dà jí dà lì) greeting phrases, there is also 心想事成(xīn xiǎng shì chéng) which means may all your wishes come true. And 笑口常开(xiào kǒu cháng kāi) – may your year be filled with abundance of smiles and laughter :)

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︎ There are so many interesting board games in China with a long history, such as Go, Chinese Chess, Mahjong and Hoo-Hey-How. The Chinese idiom 精彩绝伦(Jīng cǎi jué lún) means wonderful, well played and good game. A great game can bring not only joy but also fascinating interaction with people beyond different cultural backgrounds.

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︎ Dragon robe, 龙袍(lóng páo), is a form of imperial clothing embroidered with Chinese dragon and patterns for ancient Chinese emperors. This garment bowers the elements and the spirit from the Dragon robe, to echo the Chinese idiom 独树一帜(dú shù yī zhì) – advocate something unique and the one and only – the swaggy personality.
Nailed It
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︎ The tenon-and-mortise structures building method has been applied to Chinese architecture for thousands of years. One tenon and one mortise are connected to each other, and the house can rise from the ground without nails and iron blocks. Nailed it without nailing it. The relative Chines idiom is 大功告成(dà gōng gào chéng) which means a great project is done.

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︎ Chinese martial arts, also known as KungFu, are multiple fighting styles that have developed over the centuries in China. This garment mainly focuses on the Chinese swordsmanship practice. It is a beautiful performance of the human body and also a serious fighting style. The Chinese idiom 正儿八经(zhèng ér bā jīng) is a lighter tone to express “serious” which shares a similar context as “deadass” in English.



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